8 Things To Do To Get An Independent Girl To Fall In Love With You

You need to try to figure out if you’re actually going to make a compatible couple. And you won’t be able to do that by just taking her out to dinner or the movies all of the time. You need to really talk to one another. And you need to pay attention.

But that’s not all. If you really want to get an independent girl to fall for you, then these are a few things that you really need to do:

1. Always be supportive of her career goals.

She is a very driven and goal-oriented lady. And you’re just going to have to get with the program if you really want to get with her. You have to understand that she isn’t going to be compromising her professional goals for the sake of a relationship. And that’s why you need to make her feel supported.

2. Know that nothing she ever does happens by accident.

If she ever says or does anything, don’t think that she’s making a mistake. Don’t you dare think that anything about her is coincidental? She is a very intentional lady – and that means that she rarely does or says anything without first putting a lot of thought into it.

3. Be mindful whenever she is going to need your help.

Always stay mindful of the times that she’s going to actually need your help because she isn’t typically going to ask you for it. She is too independent to resort to asking for help from others. And sometimes, she doesn’t realize that she doesn’t really have to do everything on her own. You need to remind her of that.

4. Don’t be texting her all the time.

One of the quickest ways to drive this girl away is to text her every second of every single day. You have to make sure that you don’t make this mistake. Yes, you have a lot of fun talking to her. But you can’t expect her to only want to spend all of her time just talking to you. She has other things that require her attention.

5. Allow her to make her own mistakes.

Just let her make her mistakes. You might think that a decision that she’s making is the wrong one. But you have to let her make them anyway. She is always going to want to learn through experience. And she definitely isn’t going to appreciate having someone dictate her life choices for her.

6. Don’t assume that she’s always going to be willing to adjust her schedule for you.

Again, she is a very busy woman who has plenty of things going on for her. She isn’t necessarily going to be able to accommodate you whenever you want. You have to understand that there will be times wherein she will put other things as a priority over you.

7. Don’t be anything else other than who you really are.

You can’t be fake when you’re with a girl like her. You have to make sure that you always stay true to who you are. She is going to be able to tell right away if you’re not being real or genuine. And she doesn’t really respond well to fakes.

8. Pay attention to what makes her happy.

You really need to pay attention to what makes her happy. You have to make sure that you know what brings joy into her life. She might never admit it, but she’s still going to look for you to bring happiness into her life.

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