5 Ways Having Great S* Can Help Save Your Relationship

And if you’re not convinced, then this article is going to try to change your mind. You might not think that sex can have such a profound impact on your relationship but it really can. Again, it’s more than just a physical activity after all. Here are 5 ways that having great sex can actually […]

Funny Love Quotes & Sayings You Will Absolutely Love

Here’s a list of funny love quotes you would absolutely love: #1: People talk about love so much these days that it starts to sound like some wrecked nursery rhyme, even toddlers are busy talking about falling in love. #2: Some people are the literal representation of falling in love, they are practically stumbling blind, causing more […]

The One Thing Couples Should Do Before Bed For A Better Night’s Sleep, According To Research

This might be why you can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep. Believe it or not, the communication in your relationship might help you sleep better. If you’re having a problem getting a good night’s sleep, even the words “good night” will sound irritating to you. When you’re in bed next to your partner […]

Looking For Love On The Web: 5 Crucial Online Dating Safety Tips For Newbies

Are you ready to dive into online dating? Though digital dating apps and sites can be exciting, it’s important to follow these online dating safety tips first. Online dating is more popular than ever. In fact, around 40 percent of American couples now first meet online. Clearly, if you play the game right, online dating can actually help […]

100 Beautiful ‘I Love You’ Quotes To Share With The Love Of Your Life

Because you can never say those 3 little words too much. Saying “I love you” to your soulmate never goes out of style. Those three little words say it all — whether you’re saying them to someone’s face or offering them in the form of simple love quotes you send them on social media, in texts, DMs, […]

How To Flirt Using Just Your Body Language To Find “The One” In 2020

How to flirt without saying a word.  Learning how to flirt with a girl or guy using your body language can be fun (and surprisingly easy!) Nonverbal communication can take the pressure off flirting because you don’t have to think of something witty to say. And, you won’t have to worry about blurting out something […]

10 Simple Ways To Show Her How Much You Love Her

Flowers are more powerful than any expensive gift can ever get! Don’t let relationship blues trigger the end of your relationship. You can’t ever allow your relationship to remain in a rut for prolonged periods of time. You have to be able to shake things up every once in a while to keep the dynamics […]

Want to take your love life to the next level in 2020? These New Year resolutions are all you need!

01/8​New Year resolutions for your love life The best part about New Year’s Eve is the resolutions that you could take and act upon to make the next year even more cherishable than before. You can make little promises to change some things in your life and the upcoming year is the best time to […]

7 love quotes that would inspire you to start 2020 on a positive note

01/87 love quotes to begin the New Year with Happy New Year! A new beginning is here. The future is full of possibilities and there are so many things you can do to start the year on a positive note. How about sharing some deep, meaningful love quotes with someone special? Let these quotes from […]