7 Fascinating Foods and Supplements That Work Like Viagra

It’s not uncommon to look for ways to boost your sex drive.  Although some pharmaceutical drugs like Viagra may help, many people prefer natural alternatives that are readily available, discreet, and likely to have fewer side effects.  Interestingly, research has shown that several foods and supplements may help boost your libido and treat erectile dysfunction.  […]

9 Steps for Writing a Love Letter That Will Slay Their Heart

Okay, you might be thinking: Why would I want to write a handwritten letter? Especially considering how many communicative mediums we have today. Today’s technology has made the exchange of words faster, quicker, and easier via texting, emailing, Instagram DMing, Snapchats, gifs, etc.But that doesn’t mean the way we communicate is as effective as it could be.  When it […]

How Good You Are in Bed, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology can tell you a lot about who you are, what’s going on in your life, and why—like, if Mercury is in retrograde, that may be why you’re facing some serious communication issues with bae. Or, why you should be sliding into your crush’s DMs today because, hi, love is in the air for your sign. In […]

10 Things That Should Never Take Place In A Healthy Relationship

You don’t want to be so quick to throw a relationship away just because things get a little difficult. You always want to be strong enough to see things through. However, you also have to be strong enough to walk away from a relationship that just isn’t right for you. If you notice that a […]

8 Things To Do To Get An Independent Girl To Fall In Love With You

You need to try to figure out if you’re actually going to make a compatible couple. And you won’t be able to do that by just taking her out to dinner or the movies all of the time. You need to really talk to one another. And you need to pay attention. But that’s not […]

The best time of month to have amazing s*x

The female body – and what turns you on – can change throughout your lifetime… and even from week to week. Sex ed specialist explains how. You are not a statue. You are not made of stone. Your body is a wonderful, fascinating, complicated, intricate living thing, that changes, grows and develops all the time. […]

How Small Is Too Small for a Woman | Is 5 Inches Small?

If you have ever kept your penis in perspective and asked yourself how small is too small for a woman, you are not alone. This is a question that many men across the world have wondered and researched. And, why not? Being able to satisfy your partner sexually is a significant part of your relationship […]